about-face/ about-place

Caloundra Regional Gallery – Curated by writer and artist, Kevin Wilson, about-place / about-face exhibition takes a very different viewpoint on the concept of ‘natural place’. Working from the assumption that our perspective and understanding of ‘natural place’ is imbued with our own lived experience. Artist interviews: http://brnw.ch/aboutplace

BACKtoGETher – Bodylandscape, by Sharka Bosakova, 2024. Mixed media sculpture

This work draws inspiration from my exploration of emotions, physical action, and the theme of perpetual resurrection. Building on my body-centred body of work, it seeks to delve deeper into the concept of ‘Body landscape surveillance,’ where the human form becomes a metaphorical terrain shaped by the ebbs and flows of emotions and experiences. It explores the perpetual process of self-renewal and reconstruction, returning to its form yet never in the same form.